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HookahETC. is right...not everyone out there has had experience with all four of the above options... But, I on the other hand, have experience with three of the choices... I have a friend that owns a tall Syrian, I originally came from the Traditonal Egyptian crowd (my first hookah ever), and now I own two Mya's, and my other friend ended up purchasing a Mya Diva a while ago. Oh, and I almost forgot, I used to have this friend that owned a 13 inch Traditional Egyptian(which I ended up claiming ownership of for two years), but I don't talk to him anymore for certain reasons... Anyway, I think it's safe to say that I have plenty of smoking experience with these three choices.

In my honest unbiased opinion, Mya's are the best. I'm not talking about the cheap little Mya's you can get for $30-$50. If you're going to compare brands, then you have to be fair and compare their best offerings against the competition's best offerings. And in this sense, Mya has always won from what me and my fellow smokers have experienced. My friend's Syrian is bad ass, don't get me wrong (it is a great hookah), but a Mya seems to have a little something on top perfromance wise.

Sure, Mya's are not hand made. So they are not "traditional". Who cares? I understand some people might, but I don't. For me when it comes to hookah as well as everything else in my life, I purchase with quality and performance in mind rather than "best bang for the buck". Ever since I first started smoking hookah over three years ago, I've been smoking out of nothing but Traditonal Egyptians(including my own 33 inch), and my friend's Syrian occasionally. I wanted to try something different, so I ended up purchasing an expensive Mya. I can honestly say I've upgraded, and I've said this before but after upgrading from a traditinal to a Mya, I never looked back. I jumped out of the bandwagon and tried something different on my own, and I have no regrets whatsoever.

I'll be honest, for the price of my Mya, I could've bought myself two tall Syrians, or even three medium-small Traditional rigs. But I don't mind the price tag, because I'm sure this is the last hookah I will ever purchase, and I don't see myself purchasing any other type of hookah any time soon or at all, so it was worth it...
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