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Originally Posted by ErickSaint View Post
I came across a thread about this in a search a while back when looking for something else. Maybe do a search for "burned carpet" or similar. There were 2 links posted for DIY carpet repair. One mentioned exactly as you did by using a piece from the back of a closet for larger spots. It also talked about slightly trimming the top black burn marks with a scissors. If done well you may be able to "erase" those remaining marks.

If all else fails they say the truth will set you free, but I'm not sure who "they" are.
Thnx for the help. I might try trimming it up a bit but my carpet is also not the right type for ghetto repairs. It's kinda woven in so making a cut could be disasterous since it could unravel more. I'm trying to fnd the right excuse to tell my dad. I think I'm gonna say it was a hookah my friend brought and he dropped a coal and out of panic we did a quick fix.
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