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Default Re: Your Hookah Mistake

I was about half way through a vortex bowl and had to leave the house for a few hours...My OCD kicked in and I decided I had to clean my hookah before I left, so I picked the entire thing up and walked into the kitchen.

Trying to "save time" - I tried to remove the bowl from the stem, still packed, 2 live coals on top (don't ask why I thought this was a good/even decent idea)...I pulled a little too hard on the bowl, the coals went flying, landed on two different areas on a nice rug, ash went everywhere and then I dropped the bowl because it was hot...baked shisha and broken bowl everywhere .

Result of "saving time"...
-2 HUGE burn marks in the rug
-Ash all over the kitchen
-Broken vortex bowl
-Shisha all over the rug, floor and counters
-Was about 20 mins late for the appt I was trying to be early for.
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