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Default Why Are You Here?

A conversation the other day got me to thinking. Bear with me because this might be long hehe I was going to do a poll but I didnt want to limit answers. So tell me....why are you here at Hookah Pro Is it because Sambooka is a cool guy, the forum is laid back, to gain knowledge, for the fellowship with other hookah smokers, product reviews, vendor interaction/deals, awesome chat room, monthly contests, a feeling of belonging...What is it?

My answer is simple. Family. HP feels like family to me. Ever since I came here and didnt get called a stupid noob for asking the same stupid question someone else did and I could have found it via the search button LOL. Its the members that keep me coming back. We have some of the greatest forum members here, hands down. I would also liek to wish you all a Happy Holidays this season and be safe out there.

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