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Default Re: Why Are You Here?

I came to HP becasue I wanted a more "adult" feeling at a forum about a hobby I love. I don't enjoy drama, strife, and pushy people. I do enjoy friendship, free thinking, and a sence of commardership (sp) that HP has.

I also like how each N00b is welcome to ask a question, even if a repeate - they aren't yelled at for a simple question or told to use the "search" function without help.

I like how people act like a family: they watch out for each other, have fun, and even if fights break out, try to remain cool & collected (most o'time :}).

I like the ability to throw out suggestions, How-to projects and more without having someone snipe or comment that it's already done. Even if it's been done before, it may be new to that person.

Plus, the info may be the same as other places (as well as some of the faces), but the people's attitude here is the major factor I stay.
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