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Default Re: Why Are You Here?

why im here? not going into detail on that but if you looked up my first post there you can get some of the story.

why i stay here is because its actually a good place to hang out, i mean look at me i spend nearly every waking moment when im at my house on this forum or in the chat room. there are some great people to just "sit down" and talk to in chat just about anything really. the forums dont treat new people with any bias, if someone has a question we will answer it to the best of our ability without saying crap like "R3@|) 73|-| F0r|_|/\/\Z". the fact that it is not vendor owned leads to no bias against any vendor who comes on here. the lack of hundreds if not thousands of topics all on tangiers asking the exact same things. the less drama on here. stuff i cant think of right now
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