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Default Importing hookahs signup sheet

Please only post here if you are wanting a hookah imported from egypt and have the money ready to go not that you wish you had money or want to raid your piggy bank to get one this is a yes I have the cash in my pocket now and I want it damit post. By posting here I will count you as a buyer for the hookah so once again please no posts about how you dream of them every night.

Details of the buy: all money will be sent to me and I will send it to the Egyptian minus my fee's to send it all back out to you guy's after it arrives state side. I am sure he will have no problem posting on the forums once the money is received to give us all an update. Once it's sent I will Pm those who are buying the hookahs with the shipping number so we can all hit refresh like crack monkeys waiting for our hookah's to travel to the USA. Then once it's here in Kansas I will break down the shipments and send them out to you also with tracking numbers so you can hit the button like a crack monkey waiting to make sweet love to your new sexy hookah.


I live in Kansas so the details of what hookahs are available I do not know personaly I want a 40inch trimetal and maby one of the ones from the new pics he posted.

Below is the information about the prices from the post above but once again please post questions in that post.
OK did some quick math since and since I was reading through here and saw that some clearly didn't read all of what I had typed I will try and make it larger and easier to understand.

shipping from Egypt to Kansas is 500 for 30k if we have 10 pipes that will make shipping to me in Kansas 50 per pipe not per person per pipe

500/10 = 50 shipping to Kansas

I then need to ship it from Kansas to your house for this I will need a box and just shipping charges. I will estimate this at around 20 a stem as well.

50+20 = 70 shipping to your front door with Egypt costs factored in.

then you need to add in the price of the hookah stem and hose this price I can't tell you what it would be but let's say 50 at most because egyptian got his 40incher with everything for around 40.

70+50= 120 extreamley high guess for stem prices.

Since the egyptian will be spending gas and his own personal time making the long walk with 10+ stems I as a human think he should be treated to a new hookah or whatever he wants with a small "handaling" charge of around $5 per stem.

120+5= 125 for a stem that you can't get in the states and would cost over 400 to ship alone. Yes you need to get glass and such but to me it's worth it for a sexy hookah that we don't see much of in the states.

If we get more than 10 people then the shipping charge will change according if you order multiple stems then your Kansas to your front door charge would be different since it's only one box and such we can talk about that on a one on one basis.


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