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Default Re: New nakhla mizo flavors

Originally Posted by Xazon View Post
Germany has a limit that only allows 5% glycerin or something so u have to add some urself
Yeah i know, its something that slipped my mind when i ordered it from a german store.. should have bought it from the states..

anyway, i added the honey mix + some glycerin and i had it in a ziplock bag for like 6-8h, smoked it for 20min and its exactly the same, sure it wasnt as harsh as the first time i tried it, inhale > cough...
Still it tastes like shit... oh and MY GOD what a BUZZ!

i opened my Peach and Cherry added the same amount of honey mixture and glycerin in both, ive put them in a ziplock bag and give them a go tomorrow ( its 02:00am)

Anyone of you got any tips on what might be wrong, except for it being cut on all juice by "Zie Schermans"

should i maybe acclimate it? maybe its acting like tangiers?

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