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Default Message from Huskysibe

Husky asked me to post this message for him....

"Greetings from Afghanistan! How strange it is to travel all the way here to meet a fellow HP member cemaby. He has a hookah and supplies being sent to him so maybe I will get to smoke some hookah before I leave here. My mission here is classified so I cant talk about it but when I return I will have some stories for you guys. My address in case you wanna send me money is:
William Reed
APO AE 09354

Just kidding, you don't have to send me money they provide almost
everything I need. The only thing they don't have that is in HIGH demand
is Kodiak Wintergreen chew. Everyone wants it but cant get it. Alright,
well I gotta run but I wanted to send a shout out to all my buds. Is Abu
Ronin and Fursaken still the biggest trouble makers? I will deal with
them when I get back!!!!! LOL have a good one everybody, smoke a bowl
for me.....Preferably Nahkla, the God of all Shisha's!!!!"
Tangiers =
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