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Default Re: Why Are You Here?

I'm here for the simple reason that I got kicked off "the other" hookah forum for the most absurd reason... I also like the fact that since this forum is not run by a biased vendor, we're allowed to say what we want, when we want, how we want etc... The whole point of a public forum is to be able to do just that (freedom of speech). Yet somehow there seems to be a hookah forum that's evil/biased/confused about members acting this way (lol, they're problaby scared of losing to the competition!)... I like the atmosphere around here much better. Sambooka is definetly a cool ass guy (I'm hoping to be able to smoke with him one day if that Florida meet ever goes down!) ... And I also like the memebers around here too. I'm also here because I like to learn and share what I know of my passion for hookah with others...I like this place
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