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Default Re: Want to send Huskysibe a message?

Wanted to drop you a quick line. But since I don't have a stamp, hopefully Dunk will send this to you via email.

I know it sucks being away from home and family and friends, so hopefully my short note can let you know that you are being thought about over here. I do hope that you are having fun over there where you can though. You say you have stories, can't wait to hear them!

Hope everything/ everyone is treating you well over there. It looks hot, sandy and dusty in that picture Dunk posted. ( I don't envy you on that part. ) We've been keeping the fort held down and all the trouble makers at bay Though, I do think dunk is starting to get restless!

I do hope our military ops over there are keeping you busy and content , while keeping you safe (Here's hoping). Take care of yourself. Keep your head down and come home in 1 piece.

Peace out' YO!

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