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Default Differences between hoses (interesting find)

I just got back from having a session and the strangest thing happened... I switchced my Mya Cloissone hose, with the wooden tip Mya hose that came on my mini acrylic... It shocked me to realize that the wooden tip hose was affecting the taste of the setion. It was giving it a woody/raspy taste. I then switched it back to the Cloissone hose, and right at that moment, it got smoother and tasted better!

I didn't know that there could be such a vast difference in flavor between two hoses made by the same manufacturer...Unfortunately my Mya Cloisonne hose is rusting, even though Mya claims it to be fully washable . That's obviously not the case. And what sucks even more is the fact that I've NEVER ran water through it! It just mysteriously started rusting from the inside! Anyway, I'm in the process of looking for a fully wahsable hose, and I'm leaning towards the Nammor. I hope that one doesn't affect the flavor in a negative way...

I guess now I should try and smoke out of my mini acrylic with the better hose, to see if it smokes better. I posted a not so good review of it in the review section, and this hose difference may very well be the reason why.
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