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Default Re: Member Appreciation Thread.

Where to start!??

- Definitely the MODs .. for without them this place wouldn't be what it is today! Yeah rules may seem tough, but trust that they have the communities best intentions in mind!
- Husysibe for the samples he sent me out of the blue the first week he joined! We barely knew each other and he was so generous to share some of his favorites with me.
- Dunkel for my cup cake hat! haha .. tea that he generously sent me and all the laughs he has given me! But especially for being the one to introduce me to Nakhla Earl Grey!
- DMC for all his support since his very first day here! DMC is incredibly loyal to Hookah Pro, it amazes me!
- Video Reviewers!!! Ohhhhh thank you sooo much to all the video reviewers! You are amazing that you would jump in and start making videos so quickly! We are already up to 1000 vids in 3 months! That is awesome! hope to see some more of you jumping on the video wagon. Don't forget you can still get free tobacco for reviews until the end of April. Check the contest section (it amazes me some people don't know about this still?!)
- Vendors for all their generosity in sponsoring contests here at Hookah Pro for you the Members! Also the knowledge they bring to the site.
- Hajo for the crazy tobacco he sends me that can't be bought in the USA.
- ELITE MEMBERS! for generously donating to this site ... I am amazed at how many of you have even donated multiple times! I am really at a loss for words with how unselfish you are with contributing to this community. I hope you find it to be home for many years to come!
- photolinger for all the great laughs he gives me!
- Abu Ronin for his pure generosity to go above and beyond in a multiple of areas! Care package for Husky, special tobacco for me, donations, time spent posting his knowledge, etc
- Out of context thread .. hahaha

I could go on and on and ON! But this post would get enormous! As I think of some of the moments with certain Members, I will post them in this thread instead of all in this one post ...

Thanks to EVERYONE for making this site what it is today! I've said it before, but I will say it again .. this community is like family here! I have never felt a tighter bond with any other forum I have ever been on, of any topic! This community is just strong and has the potential to grow stronger! I look forward to the years to come and the future of Hookah Pro!

Cheers! .. Sambooka
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