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Default Language Within

Okay, remember awhile back when I think Jilly posted a thread on creepy guys watching our reviews? I've only done a handful of reviews, and got this today:

A question: do you smoke cigarettes?? I would like to see you smoke a cigarette (Marlboro). I wait your answer, thank you. Another question: Do you like to be a nurse?

blocked this asshole, but seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? I got mad when I heard this happening to everyone else, and I'm even more pissed now that I'm getting this shit too.

I wish there was some way to fuck with these guys like they fuck with us. it sucks, and yeah, i know thats the reality of the internet....but I think a lot of people here wish there was a better way than blocking to deal with these pathetic little bastards.


anyway, my rant is over...anyone else feel free to rant and swear a bit if they like
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