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Default madddd about smoking

hi everyone, this is just a post about another mad person after smoking.

I just smoked some al fakher grape

when i started, made 2 head on 2 bowl to smoke 2 hookah with friends

first 15 minutes were ok, kind of getting the flavor but thats it

after that everything just went wrong

tasting baddddddddddddddd badddd baddddd for no reason

its like that since 2009 lol, everything i smoke the hookah last 15minute of ok taste and after that its trouble after trouble...

wasted like 100g for 15minutes...

heres what i do, tell me what im doing wrong because i do this since i smoke with the same products and it worked great till january lol

chineese hookah
al fakher grape fresh
3king charcoal
pack it 2mm under the aluminium
1 coal on the top
normal amount of holes
cold water
everything tight and cleaned after every session

it is me or what?
im going to get the km and a phunnel bowl this summer but till then i gotta smoke with these and i gotta find a solution

Originally Posted by Jride View Post
I used a garden hose once. I dont recommend it.

But I did have the hookah in the garage and was able to smoke while walking to get the mail
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