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Default Re: Nicotine and Tar in shisha...

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
I dunno about that. the reason cigarettes are seen as so bad is because they started killing people off and they found out why and it ended up being the poisons in cigarettes.

Cigars, pipes and pipe tobacco have not been prove to kill because not enough people have died if any for anyone to care.
this is true.

do you all know who sigmund freud is? if you don't, check this link:

he used to smoke 26+ CIGARS A DAY. for about 20 YEARS. all he had was minor oral cancer. he died at 83 by overdosing on morphine.


smoking is still smoking, no matter how ""SAFE"" it is. it is bad for your health, but not nearly as bad. so if i were you, (babaganoush123) i'd quit since you care so much about staying healthy. a lot of people here would rather have their shiny khalil mammon and nakhla double apple then their food for a week.
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