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Default Re: Nicotine and Tar in shisha...

I am a big fan of cigar icons and I am sorry but the 26 a day is bullshit. Even if he were smoking small cigars, which Freud was not known for, that would be around one an hour for all hours of the day. Or more than one and a half every waking hour assuming an 8 hour sleep schedule. Wikipedia is not a scholarly source by any stretch of the imagination.

Originally Posted by chadtizzle View Post
this is true.

do you all know who sigmund freud is? if you don't, check this link:

he used to smoke 26+ CIGARS A DAY. for about 20 YEARS. all he had was minor oral cancer. he died at 83 by overdosing on morphine.


smoking is still smoking, no matter how ""SAFE"" it is. it is bad for your health, but not nearly as bad. so if i were you, (babaganoush123) i'd quit since you care so much about staying healthy. a lot of people here would rather have their shiny khalil mammon and nakhla double apple then their food for a week.
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