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Default Re: Differences between hoses (interesting find)

Originally Posted by nofrendo
Dude! I noticed that exact same thing the other day... the raspy taste describes it perfectly.
Yeah I know, weird huh?! I thought it was so strange...and the Cloissone hose actually makes it taste smoother and way better. It's so weird...

I just got back from Home Depot. I decided to buy 10 feet worth of clear vinly tubing (non-toxic used for food/water). With the holidays around the corner, I can't be spending money on hookah crap. I still need to buy all of my family's gifts, and the wifey's gifts! I had used this idea a long time ago with a friends hookah when his hose rusted as well. It doesn't affect flavor at all. All you taste is pure hookah flavor and smoke. And the best part of it is, it only costs $3.68. At least this is a quick fix that can hold me off till after the holidays, then I'll problaby purchase a Nammor...
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