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Default Re: Nicotine and Tar in shisha...

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
I am a big fan of cigar icons and I am sorry but the 26 a day is bullshit. Even if he were smoking small cigars, which Freud was not known for, that would be around one an hour for all hours of the day. Or more than one and a half every waking hour assuming an 8 hour sleep schedule. Wikipedia is not a scholarly source by any stretch of the imagination.
Originally Posted by wonderland View Post
Wikipedia is one of the most unreliable sources of information out there... thats why it is not accepted as a research site in college/highschool etc. 26 cigars is alot... but none-the-less i see why you said it...

i do remember hearing the 26 a day from other sources before but cannot remember. as to wikipedia being scholarly or not, there was a study released a little while back that compared the errors in Encyclopedia Britannica to wikipedia, and the results were something like 1.6 for EB to 3.2 in wikipedia but the wikipedia was skewed higher due to the conspiracy theories about ufos, JFK, etc.

and actually MLA now has a citation format for wikipedia specifically so it is starting to be accepted.

im not saying it is the end all be all but it has been proven to be very close in accuracy to "scholarly" sources and provide more info and more current info here is a new article about it, different check on them but the same general results, 4 to 5 errors


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