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Default Re: a friend is going to egypt, what to tell them to look for?

Originally Posted by PCServe View Post
but tell her dont to buy shisha at a bazar. its the worst quality and very old stuff.
Spot on, indeed. Buy from a tobacco shop with high turnover and high traffic of buyers. This way you guarantee it is not months or even years old batch. Don't also pay more than sticker price. Official prices are:

Nakhla 250g 3.5 EGP
Nakhla 50g 1.0 EGP

AF 50g 10 EGP
AF 250g 30 - 40 EGP depending on the venue

Al Masah 250g 22 EGP

Note that USD 1 = 5.5 EGP Approximately.

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
im not to sure where she is going, i know she is going to "see the pyramids" and taking a cruse on the nile after a week working with habitat for humanity i think. im going to assume she will have a translator or be in a group at least so she can hopefully talk to a local or some one that is more of a local at least to help

i assume nakhla has the same packaging over there since it has english and arabic on the packs but i may be wrong

Going to see the pyramids = will be in the Greater Cairo area

Translator = gets a cut from shops for getting your friend to go there and to "trust" them that this is the lowest price, "my friend", if you catch my drift.

True, Nakhla has the exact same packaging, try to get me where she will be staying and I will direct you to the nearest hookah market, and give you directions to the KM store.

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
you may want to avoid the El Ashrey shop. From what Ahmad tells me it's in one of the worst areas of the city. He won't even go there himself!
True that. I also would never recommend a female going there, of any species LOL

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
ya i dont think i can give her to specific things, i think i will pull up the nakhla site and look at the unflavored stuff and send her the pics of it and just tell her to try and grab the local stuff. and if she feels like it to grab a KM for me. i will leave it up to her as to how much she wants to get since i will just give her a better piece/pieces of jewelry or blown glass for what she brings back

what is the limit on tobacco amount per person, 2kilos? or is egypt to US not an issue really

Btw, some Nakhla products are not available in the Egyptian market, or have limited availability.

Also, KM is a MUST. She has to go to the KM store and get you one.

Last but not least, they don't give a crap here how much tobacco you take out, so ask her to bring as much as possible
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