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Default Re: Looking for written works on hookah

Originally Posted by cherno83 View Post
Funny thing is that my very good hookah friend read on the web supposedly on a few or many websites that smoking hookah for more than an hour equals to 100 cigarettes. Which I believe is complete bs and I told him that would only be possible when the shisha is burning. But he doesn't know wat to believe now and decided to stop for a while.

Please just confirm that it doesn't equal out to 100 cigarettes lol. I know the cons of smoking and fully understand that it isn't good for you(health wise).
Yea, i had a friend stop smoking hookah because of this. I tried to explain but its hard to deny an article on the internet and accept it from someone you know. I mean, volume wise....yes, but all the hookah smoke is not just from tobacco, its the glycerin and honey smoking.

yea, some people just wont ever get it.
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