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Default Re: km ice chiller vs syrian chiller

Originally Posted by vegasvic View Post
P.S. the ice chamber valve on my H-S syrian feels like it is welded closed. I've never used it
Mine was on there pretty damn tight, had to use a pair of pliers to open it up, but then its worked fine.

I cannot comment on the KM ICE, but I do have the 3 hose version of the Syrian Chiller. In mine, it is not a common chamber, but its ported. Every hose port has its own tube leading to the vase. This should be the same for this one, as even the single hose Syrian Chiller, has 3 ports, so you can buy the adapters to convert it. This version will come with 2 release valves instead.

That being said, there are some things worth noting. Because this is built to be a multihose hookah, it will have autoseal bearing on all ports. And because of this, the hose adapters all have a built in metal screen so you don't suck up the BBs. You can remove the BBs, and this does help pull some, but you are still limited by the screen, which is nothing more than they drilled 3 small holes in solid brass, so the BB doesn't come through.

What I did, was buy an extra hose adapter, and I drilled the whole thing out, so I have an opening on my hose adapter as big as the port is. This has DRAMACITCALLY increased my flow rate, and is a mod I highly recommend. You just need a drill, a decent bit, and a bench clamp or something else to hold it still. Don't try holding on to it..

So my normal configuration on this, is my drilled out hose adapter, all BBs removed, and hose plugs in the other adapters. If I need to purge, a quick lift of the plug, and its all good. I may invest in release valves down the road, but they're just ornamental at this point. If I need to convert to multihose with autoseal, I can throw in the BBs, and put on the original hose adapter instead of my drilled out one and away we go.

The ice bucket DOES work, and it works very well. If you fill it up with ICE, it does do a great job of cooling down the smoke, with I'd say a minimal flavor loss. But I don't use it all the time. It does add to density as well. I usually fill up the bucket, if I'm going to be smoking when its hot out. Or if I feel the whim to.

The hookah cleans pretty easily, but you will need to use q-tips to clean out the ports. A small bristle brush that typically comes with hookah cleaning kits doesn't fit.

I'd love for someone to come over with a KM and see what the difference is. Part of me wonders if I could improve on my sessions with a different one or not. I'm guessing short of having bigger diameter ports and a bigger stem, I don't see how..

Oh, further mods, I did replace the stock hose with a nammor, as there is a good deal of difference on the pull, but they are still nice hoses, and I wish the nammor looked half as nice as those hoses.

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