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Default Re: Miss Nile Hookah....

ATTN SAMBOOKAH: To start with this is not self promo. Its just stating the facts.

Okay with that said. We sell that hookah. I have smoked it with customers. It smokes like the Ballerina. Alot will depend on where you get the hookah from ( again not self promotion keep reading) I had some in the last 2 weeks that were great. I talked to a guy in a distributor today showing him Myas and cheap hookahs) The Purple ones were the last Gen ones. They were really bad. They did not hit worth a crap. The newer ones are fine. Honestly if you like the Base design get a MYA Acrylic same design but a acrylic base rather then the chineese Glass base. The Mya has better hoses, and a larger downstem. In short it hits like a $200 hookah but yet is much cheaper. I do not know what they run on line. I woulkd have to look around.

Well with that said I have to put this coals order away. Oh and mark your calander. I am on here and not smoking. lol Okay i admit it I just woke up. have a great day, Neal, Holly
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