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Default Looking for new big boy hookah

I got the free mini mya from hookah-shisha and its nice, but I really want to get a bigger rig. I've been having my buddies over and it works with two hoses, but 6 people sharing two hoses can be better. So I'm looking for a new hookah, been looking at the KMs. I would like a good one with at least 3-4 hose ports. I've been reading saying that from about 22" and up, the stem is all the same width, so even a 22" will still pull just like the bigger ones? So I would like one with all of the perks of a bigger one, without the pure size of it, but if it has to be that way it has to be I don't mind. It's probably gonna be staying at my house 99% of the time, so transporting it doesn't have to be taken into account. I think that's about it. Thanks ahead of time for your help.

Oh yeah, I've been looking at the KM Precision. I read the info about it on **********.com and it said it's a syrian on steroids and it has a very solid base and strength to it so that's definitely a plus. Couldn't find any reviews about it.

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