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Default Re: Why Are You Here?

[font=Verdana][font=Verdana][font=Verdana][font=Verdana]Okay this may seem self promotive or even cold on some parts but bare with me through it.

I came here over other hookah forums first off because I like chat not message boards Hence why I am playing hell getting to 100 post. As soon as I hit it I will not post much I am sure.

heres what happened. I came here to find out what on line smokers liked. Then I decided what the hell make a web site. So then I wanted to know why do you people shop on line what makes you hit that order button etc... This was the retailer in me coming out. Then I realized wow this is a group of people that are open to buying hookah why not make a buck kind of earn as you learn. ( this is what I am doing now) Then after a couple sales 1 good one bad, I realized I actually like most of these people. I have made some very nice buddies on here. Some call me when I am driving just to see what I am up to. You know thats a nice feeling actually even though he thinks he is being a pain in the ass. As I went on other sites looking around because of you the other chatters posters etc... like my self. I learned alot.

Thainsg I learned that I will discuss openly. Poeple love free stuff. Duh But many people don`t want freee stuff. Yea shocked me also. But appreciate the fact it was offered.

I learned what i amready knew. People want to save a buck. They will spend 3 bucks to do it also.

I learned that the reason people shop on line is the same reason people drive accross Las Vegas just to shop with us. #1 Selection. many of you do not have a decent selection where you are located. #2 To save money. Yea I am like you I will eat Taco bell over nice mexican food because its cheaper and does the same job. #3. Customer service. I dont mean the basic haji hello my friend what can i get you today, okay thank you have a nice day. I mean like in our shop our customers expect not want expect to see a hookah going and can smoke from mine for free. They don`t always ask many just walk up and hit. i will be in chat with you guys and they will rather then ask and what they feel is bug me just walk up look in the wind cover see a hot coal and hit away. lol So on line I figure the best match to this is simple chat alot live in the chat room and when people make an order toss in a freebie now and then. Some thing you are sure they have not seen or tried.

So in short I came here to learn thinags for our shop to bring from the web and bring to the shop and what I got was so much more including but not limited to probably the best over all group of chatters I have seen and I have been on line since windows 95 was changing to windows 98.[/font][/font][/font][/font]
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