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Default Re: i need some help in making a hookah purchase

Originally Posted by catsass View Post
this is my first post, and i registered here because i want to buy my boyfriend the absolute best hookah setup i can for his birthday.

we've dabbled in hookah smoking, bought a cheap one from a smoke shop and stuff but he really loves it and wants a good one.

i'm figuring a km would be the best one to buy, but i need to know the best setup to get for him and where i can buy online.

also, he wants starbuzz shisha but is that the absolute best kind?

unfortunately, you wont get a straight answer on any of this. Starbuzz can be very good, and I recomment Blue Mist flavors. Other folks will plug Nakhla shisha and dozens of other brands: my suggestion is grab some starbuzz and a few other flavors and brands. You'll only know what you like by trying!

As far as set up, KMs are very nice, though myself and a few others will recommend syrian brass hookahs, made by nour. I just bought one myself, and am waiting for it.

So, look around, you'll get plenty of help from all of us. I'll end with my two suggestions, knowing other folks will certainly be adding theirs:

Coals: Golden or Three Kings Quick Light
Shisha: Starbuzz Blue Mist/Melon Dew, Al Fakher Peach, Hookah Freak Atomic Fireball
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