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Default Re: i need some help in making a hookah purchase

Originally Posted by Trivial View Post
Okay first off wut your spending limit? like absolute highest you would go (not saying to go that high just helps)

Next on shisha, its not what is best but what does does you boyfriend like in flavor... does he like a lot of smoke or a lot of flavor... does he want to get buzzed of it?

Next what color of a hookah would you like?

And a little background on what hookah you have... what tobacco do you use or have you used... what kind of coals are you using right now... what hose do you have

Just give us a little background and we can set you up with what right for you

i honestly have no spending limit. i have ample amounts of money in savings and it's for his 20th birthday.

he said he prefers both flavor and smoke, but he's not really looking for a buzz.

we both love green so that would probably be the color i'd pick.

we have a very small, very basic mya. came with a horrible plastic hose that we hate, the base is very small and we've had our share of problems. i'm looking for something a little bigger.

the first kind of shisha we tried was al amir, which was not so great. we've been smoking fantasia because it's the best the local smoke shop carries.

the coals we have used were called pharaoh, i believe. but we ran out and the smoke shop was out as well so we ended up buying some easy light coals that dont really have a brand but they work okay.

we've just bought whatever cheap crap the smoke shop has but now he wants to have a really good setup and so do i.
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