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Default Re: i need some help in making a hookah purchase

Originally Posted by FeliFeliWooo View Post
try investing in a Razan hose (razan sultans are the same just nicer)
its a bit pricey but its amazing and you can rinse it out.


Do you have access to a stove or do you want to use a lighter when lighting coals?
Natural coals (best to use a stove) are usually better (tasteless)
but some quicklights, I've heard atleast, are also very good
of course i have a stove lol, we always light our coals on the stove.

i'm checking out the razan hose now but i'm sure the one we get with our km will be good enough for a while.

i'm really liking this one a lot

and i should probably get a funnel bowl huh?
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