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Default Re: i need some help in making a hookah purchase

Originally Posted by catsass View Post
of course i have a stove lol, we always light our coals on the stove.

i'm checking out the razan hose now but i'm sure the one we get with our km will be good enough for a while.

i'm really liking this one a lot

and i should probably get a funnel bowl huh?
Well a few of us have trouble using the stove so we have to resort to quicklights... which suck
invest in some natural coals
personally i'd go with ******* hookah coals
or coconaras

that hookah is dam sexy and im sure it'l do an amazing job hehe

the km hose (in my opinion) is amazing
but its not washable
so keep that in mind
some vendors give you a discount if you want to upgrade your bowl/hose when buying a hookah

Yeah a funnel bowl is a good idea
I'd recommend getting a medium Tangiers funnel bowl
or a vortex bowl
if your going to buy a funnel i'd either get a scalimod (covers the hole so foil doesnt cut airflow)
you can either buy one for like $9 or make your own with a tea light
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