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Default Re: i need some help in making a hookah purchase

Something to keep in mind about the glass base of the KM's....each one will be different because each one is hand painted. The base of the KM you get will be the same color but might not necessarily have that same design on it. Also, when you're choosing a hookah, if you are looking for something that is flawless (can't see the welds/imperfections) you probably want to go with a MYA because they are machine made. If you are looking for something hand made that may or may not show slight imperfections, you should go with a KM or a syrian brass hookah. The KM's are one solid long piece which depending on how you want to look at it is one of its best quialities or worst qualties. It will make it harder to clean but it's also a much more solid design.

Another important aspect you want to consider is the number of hoses. KM and syrian brass hookahs normally come with one hose and a purge valve. You can find multi hose KM's but they're pretty pricey. If money is not an issue than I guess this doesn't really apply to you, but just something to keep in mind.
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