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Default Re: Looking for new big boy hookah

DAMNIT...i had a nice long post going for this thread and hitting backspace made me lose it...stupid browser shortcuts...time to go change those...

anyway...i think the shortest KM double hose is this one: at 29" tall...

i had also written about how taller hookahs dont necessarily smoke better than short can reference the Hookah Love Blog here if you would like to read up about it: *i think larger hookas look nicer and are a bit more sturdy, but my small MYA Bambino has never failed me and smokes just as good as my Nour and i think better than my Syrian...

personally i use a 1 hose or 2 hose hookah at most for 4-5 people smoking...with more hoses and people drawing more often you need to do more heat management to keep the tobacco from burning easily. *one hose being passed around gives the tobacco time to rest between drags.
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