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Default Nakhla Mizo Watermelon - Exclusive


Hello guys,

The Egyptian hits again with Nakhla Mizo Watermelon.

Mizo Guava is manufactured and being packed at the moment according to the General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Nakhla, whom I met with and had a long chat. I might be able to secure Guava within less than a week.


See pics :

I bought 20 packs. Some of them are already spoken of. The others, will go on a first come first serve. Posts here will count, not PMs. I will edit the thread to state that quantity is over. If demand is high enough, I could buy more next Saturday.

I will only accept cash for it, no trades please. And payment is in advance.

P.S: The quantity of tobacco inside Nakhla packs here varies, sometimes it is a bit less than 250g.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: To serve HPers better, I decided that one pack orders will be two packs, and two pack orders will be four packs ..... NO EXTRA CHARGE. HOWEVER, THIS MEANS YOU GET SLIGHTLY ABOVE THE 250g/pack. I found out that each pack is 130-150g not 250g , so I am sending two packs for each pack ordered.

I also had a chat with the General Manager for Sales and Marketing at Nakhla, gave him some SB samples that they want to "copy". Etc.

I also let him know that Karabetian are riding the April tax increase wave and that it is making all Nakhla lovers real mad.


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