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Default Re: Bad or Old Exoticas?

I spoke to gabriel on this issue. He said " Ineresting" Yea he say that about anything though so that did not matter. He Did go on to say however that it may have been a box that was dropped and the caols were fragile in the first place (not to balme anyone especialy a dealer). We (as vendors) do not know how bad the shipper treats the stuff before it gets to us. He was sure it was not from the new batch either. The new batch is even better then the old batch.

The stuff Nazar has coming right now and should be to him by today is the new stuff. So when you get some from him or I post how they work. I am interested to see if Gabe was hyping the coals or if really is better. ( Relax that was not self promo). So lets all see how the new coals are and hope it was not just hype and its really better. The new exotica Quick Lights will be out in Jan. or Feb.
Everyone have a great day.

Thanks, The DPG
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