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Default Re: i need some help in making a hookah purchase

I'll jump on the bandwagon with a lot of people here. If you want a really large hookah, you can get a 36 inch KM double pear from **********.com. If you're looking for something smaller, get a 27 inch "Dual Tone" AKA Tri Metal.

I also recommend his natural light coals over any other coal on the market, natural or otherwise.

As far as Starbuzz is concerned, I make it no secret that I think their White Peach is the best shisha flavor ever. Blue Mist is also popular, as well as Citrus Mist.

I have a blown glass phunnel, and I love it. Make sure you get a Scalli with it.

I use a very large KM AS hose, but alot of people here recommend a washable hose like the Razan or Nammor. **********.com has both the Razan and the AS hose.

I would recommend asking the vendor to throw in a wind cover free of charge. I can't see any reason why they wouldn't Just make sure you get the largest one possible, because the phunnels don't tend to fit under medium or small wind covers.

Thats it for my recommendations. Pick a hookah that you can live with for a while. Any hookah properly cared for will last you a long time.
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