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Default Re: Why Are You Here?

Finally its Friday and I found some time to write a few words explaining why I am here, well here goes:

The first thing I did when I saw this site was read the rules, in the rules it stated that there are many different cultures and ethical groups belonging to this forum. This immediately grabbed my attention because I believe no one is the best or most experienced when it comes to Hookah. Since Hookah's are practically worldwide there are many different cultures who use Hookah's. Some use it as part of daily tradition, other just for social or relaxing reasons. Everyone has their own tricks and methods of doing things when it comes to a session of Hookah, this site brings all those ideas together so everyone can learn new methods that they might find better than their own "best" methods.

I love this site cause everyone here focuses on one specific subject which happens to be something we as a community all love. No matter who you are you fit in, anyone can ask questions, no one gets yelled at and it just creates such a relaxed laid back atmosphere.

I have been here merely a few days now but this has become a second "home" all the members I have conversed with are happy and spontaneous and thats the way I like to live. Although we all live miles away from each other we can all relate to one another since we all have a passion for Hookah.

A few special thanks without these people this community would not be as well known as it is:[list][*]Sambooka -- Administrator and founder of Hookah Pro, you are doing an amazing job mate keep it up. [*]sammniamii & boomhauer-- Elite Members of Hookah Pro, two of the most generous average people out there, both their contributions have been and are an amazing help towards this community. A BIG thanks from us all.[/list]
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