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Default Re: i need some help in making a hookah purchase

i'd say get a 36" green double pear, or a green 34" classic from **********.
[link1], [link2].

for coals, go with either exoticas or CH naturals.
CH are a bit more expensive,
but you shouldn't be unsatisfied with either one.
(unless you have problems breaking the exoticas.)
natural coals are SO much better than quick lighting coals.

shisha. hmm, well i do like starbuzz but it is so damn expensive so i never buy it.
but since money is no issue to you,
i've heard nothing but good things about starbuzz blue mist,
caramel macchiato, x on the beach, and citrus mist.
i've had sb cherry, and blue mist, i can honestly tell you sb cherry
was one of the worst that i've ever had. blue mist was pretty good though.

i'd also recommend picking up some al-fakher because it's cheaper,
and they are pretty consistent with their flavors (i haven't had a bad batch yet...but others here will disagree with me.)

you should pick up a razan/nammor/grand hose also. can't go wrong.
go ahead and get a windcover, or make one from scratch. it does make a difference.
make sure you have aluminum foil too.
(don't buy the precut crap, go to walmart and get some reynolds wrap heavy duty)
get a phunnel bowl too! smalls are great but if you want to smoke for 5 hours get a medium.

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