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Default Re: Nakhla Mizo Watermelon - Exclusive

Fine, so here is the final situation:

h0lic will handle the payment collection from members and sending the payment via Western Union.

The price will be $27 for two packs and $18.6 for one pack.

Once h0lic receives all payments and sends them over, everything will be repacked an mailed, registered.

The beauty of Western Union is that the minute h0lic walks in their store and deposits the money, I can walk into their store and pick it up here so no delays. h0lic can find out about their nearest office to him via their website.

Dunkel is already getting his package for free as a part of an impending trade, Spiller will be paying me via MoneyBookers. shishaHolic can pay me either via MoneyBookers or can PayPal h0lic and join the group payment.

Let's get that over with before the week ends.

Finally, the list of people who are receiving the WM is:

h0lic 2 packs
Mr. Bungle 1 pack
abu ronin 2 packs
Dunkel 1 pack
shishaHolic 1 pack
Spiller 2 packs
chain 2 packs (unsure, his post wasn't clear lol )
John (CH) 1 pack
Photolinger 2 packs
necco 2 packs
pswami 1 pack
KillerB 2 packs
Divine 2 packs
AbusiveNapkin 1 Pack

and if chain responds tonight that he doesn't want his 2 packs, or doesn't respond to my PM by Monday, his two packs can go to another member.

P.S: if there is enough demand for another group buy, I can buy more next weekend. I am already gonna go back there this week when Guava is released.

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