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Default Re: Looking for new big boy hookah

maybe, ive found local shops that specialize in hookah stuff to be cheaper (140 buck mya for 100 bucks), just check to make sure it has the KM markings on it.

as to height, my mya mini compared to me 32 rotator (ya its kind of a turd but if you set it up right it smokes great) you do notice a difference, taller is a bit smoother, easier to pull (less feeling of the bubbles) and maybe a touch thicker smoke (but i chalk that up to base size not height).

honestly i use my mya mini most of the time now because its size makes it easier to clean (my sink in my apartment is stupid shallow, just poor design like most of the stuff here) but it really doesnt give much worse of smoke (a touch less smooth but proper heat management does fine). i dont think you will see a huge differance between 22 and 32, but you would probably see something from 22 to 40 or 18-32

as to multi hose, i think they are a bit more hassle than they are worth, the myas and rotators have a good set up where you can just make them 1 hosers or 2. i wouldnt get more than a 2 hose hookah honestly because with 2 people that smoke hookah on one rig you end up trying to pull at the same time a lot.

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