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Default Purchase from Hookah-Shisha and Social

Ok so lets start with

So on Wednesday, December 5th, I ordered the following:

King Tut 4 hose egyptian hookah with blue cobra hoses and blue glass base.
(The Freebies that came with the hookah such as the windcover, clay bowl, mouth tips, 100g of Romman Shisha, two rolls of golden charcoal, tongs,etc).

It arrived today on the 14th which was a very long time to wait in my books. I kept asking them when it would ship and they finally told me that it had been packed up for like three days and had missed the ups truck every day so it was delayed. This is what really made me upset with the company. However they gave me 683 reward points to make up for the delay which gives me about $15 off my next order on top of the hookahpro discount of 15%.

The good news:
This is going to surprise you as it did me! Remember how everyone said that with 4 hose hookahs you have to keep your finger on the tip so the other person can smoke? Well when i put this hookah together, it comes with ball bearings in the hose connectors so you don't have to put your finger on the end of the hose! Amazing it never said it came with them in the item description it was an added bonus! The cobra hoses are nice looking as well. I am really impressed with this hookah cause i bought hose caps and ended up not needing them!

Overall, i give this company an 8/10. The delayed shipping is what really killed them, but they made it right and with the added bonus of the hookah coming with ball bearings in the hose adapters it brought my faith back in them.

Now with Social Smoke:

The order?

Large Mya light blue case with two combination locks.
Two leopard washable 72" hoses

I ordered on November 29th and got it on December 4th which was surprising since ups said it would take an extra day! The hoses came in ziploc bags and were in good shape. The case however was messed up. First of all they sent me the smaller version and not the larger one so I called in to have a replacement shipped out. Well they were all out of the one i ordered so they substituted the smaller one which was like $5 cheaper without asking me first. Anyway I waited a week later and got it today along with my king tut hookah. DISASTER STRIKES AGAIN! They sent me a larger one than the one i wanted but i liked it cause i needed the extra space, it came completedly wrapped in bubble sheets and those darn package peanuts! I HATE THEM THEY GET EVERYWHERE! LOL! When I unwrapped the bubble sheets from the case, i discovered the horror. The back of the case was broken! the metal bar was hanging off and you could see the inside lining of the case. It all fell apart! How could they ship me this replacement and not notice this? This was really unacceptable since they made angry twice in a row.

I give this company a 5/10 since the hoses worked good but the cases were unexplainable.

I hope these reviews help out!

Aaron (flashgordon83617)