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Default Re: i need some help in making a hookah purchase

i had to buy it yesterday so it would come in before next tuesday, so i went with the 38" km double pear i posted a link to. it came with 3 50g nakhla flavors, so that was cool.

seems like you guys all love ********** but i'll go with him when i decide to get another hose and i'll pick up some more stuff with it.

i ended up getting a can of starbuzz mango since he asked for starbuzz and he loves mango, haha.

i also got a 10-pack of 50g al fakher with a lot of different flavors. i know it's not considered the greatest brand but i figured it would be good to get a variety for us to try out, plus it was only 20 bucks for 500g. i said money wasn't an issue but i'm always a bargain hunter.

i ended up getting a vortex bowl, just because it seems strange to have to buy a funnel plus a mod to go on it. i'm sure i'll end up buying a funnel soon anyway, i just wanted to try the vortex first.

i didn't end up getting the razan/nammor hose just yet, since i wanna see how the km hose does first. but once again, i'm sure i'll end up buying one soon since a washable hose is pretty much a must.

i picked up some coconara natural coals as well.

i bought all of it from thehookah, part of the reason i didn't get the funnel and the washable hose. i wanted to have it all shipped together from one place since the time it takes to ship is pretty important in this situation. thehookah doesnt have razan/nammor hoses and they dont have the mod for the funnel bowl, so i'll get those things later from different vendors.

so tell me what you guys think, did i do okay?

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