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Default Re: Nakhla Mizo Watermelon - Exclusive

Originally Posted by h0lic View Post
Paypal basically charges 04.1% on each transaction, so in order to get TE all of his money you'll need to send $19.36 for 1 250g and $28.10 for 2 250g. If you are on his list, PM me and I will give you my paypal information for the transaction. In your payment notes display your hookahpro username ONLY! Do not mention anything about hookah or shisha in your notes as it violates the terms of agreement with paypal. If you all can get back to me soon we'll be able to get this done in a timely fashion.
I am fairly sure that charge is only on credit card payments. I work through Paypal a lot and do not get charged any fees from normal transactions. CC payments are the only time I get a percentage taken out. What told you that you were going to get charged 4.1%?
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