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Default Re: New experiment: Nakhla DA + Phunnel Bowl

Originally Posted by Shienhausser View Post
^let me know if it does work on reg bowls, I DO smoke alone a lot but Id like a duration. increase.

I still cant figure out why it doesnt just burn.
i only smoke on the weekends
so il have to wait till next friday =/

Originally Posted by Buddhizzle View Post
don't quote me, but i think the reason we all got used to sprinkling is so that air can get to the holes at the bottom of a normal bowl. With the funnel or vortex, this doesnt have to happen, so you can back all you want. Also, heat is more evenly distributed, so you wont burn like you would in a normal bowl.

If thats the case, I'm guessing this will not work in a regular bowl. We'll see!
well if you look at john's video it doesn't seem like hes packing it super tight
but your probably right =/
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