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Default Re: New experiment: Nakhla DA + Phunnel Bowl

Originally Posted by Shienhausser View Post
I assume this will work on a regular bowl. I use a rather wide bowl, not phunnel or vortex.

How is it that the tobacco just doesn't burn right away, it seems like when I* had overpacked in the past, it would burn immediately.
people swear by this over packing for tangiers (fill to the rim, push down with foil) but i honestly just pack it kind of tight and leave a gap (poking holes to the bottom) and it smokes very well, saves tobacco and doesnt burn

as to a regular bowl, you can pack it harder but you will get a harder pull, you can do what some people do with tangiers in standard bowls, pack it hard with a hole down the center to allow air flow.

over all i find that packing a bit harder (right before you get resistance to just a bit of it) will give stronger flavor and thicker smoke plus last longer on some tobaccos (figured it out with starbuzz)

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