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Default Re: Al Fakher Eskandarani Apple

Originally Posted by Green_Jacket
Haha trust me i kno what u mean! Too much stuff to do these days, i did try the windcover, didint help so it must be the flavour being out of date or something. Anyone know anyway to get back the drippiness maybe add some glycerin?? And one more thing, i reali do love the flavour, could anyone suggest another brands eskandaran apple? Cheers for the help.


Have you tried stirring/mixing up the shisha? I've noticed that a lot of times people don't realize that you need to stir up the shisha before you smoke it. The juices will inevitably drip down to the bottom of the tub eventually drying out the shisha at the top of the tub. If you don't stir it up before smoking, it won't taste as good and smoke thickness could problaby be affected as well...
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