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Originally Posted by FirePro84 View Post
awesome guys, i tacked one of the Taj covers on my last order (placed three orders last night, lol) i'll see how it does when i get it...we've been having some windy days here in NorCal recently...

side story, the paintball field i used to work at got bought by new people, and they put up new nets for the field...we (old management) told them to put on pulleys so they could be lowered during windy season...they didnt listen, and while i was there today during 50mph+ winds ALL of the new nets they put up that were wrapped around 2x4's and lag bolted to the telephone poles ripped off...only the high tension cable saved it from crashing into cars in the parkinglot...not even a thanks for helping them wrestle that 22ft crap to the ground...bastards...but i digress...

other side 5 cats are also slightly retarded...once one of them got singed though none of the others have tried touching anything hot in the house...animal communication, lol
when we built a new small field where i used to work (it was stupidly small) we put pulleys on the netting and wow that was the biggest PITA ever to get it up and down and the maintenance on it, we had netting on another field that was permanent and the only issues we ever had was one side's bottom would blow up (some times needed a few guys to sit on it to tack it down. but the pulleyed syetem only lasted a few months before it needed a lot of repairs

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