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Default Re: charcoal questions, newb here

First off, welcome to the forums! You're suppossed to put the flat side touching the foil. You don't want the round side touching the foil, because it won't have as much contact area as the flat side. Also it could move the coals around during the session. Quicklights will have a very slight chemical taste to them. They must use a chemical to quickly ignite and become red hot unlike naturals. There are some quicklights that will taste like crap, and others that will barely be noticeable.

Look around the review section for more details on different quicklight coals versus natural coals. You'll also find answers for your shisha brand questions there as well. In my experience, I've found that both Three Kings and Golden Coals are top notch quality quicklights. Three kings might have a barely noticable taste in the middle of the session. Golden coals, from what I've experienced, don't have a chemical taste whatsoever.

Also, don't forget to let the coals FULLY light before placing them on the bowl. Meaning, they have to be glowing orange and have a thin layer of ash before you begin your session. A lot of times, people don't do this, and end up having a strong chemical taste during their session for obvious resons...
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