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Default Re: Nakhla Mizo Guava - Exclusive

Alright ladies and gents. Here is an official update on payment. As for the people who have paid and are waiting for the money to get Western Unioned, here are the people in the clear:

ErickSaint- 1 wm 1 guava
Vegasvic - 1 wm 1 guava
chain - 2 watermelon (UNCLEARED)
Rutch - 1 wm 1 guava
AbusiveNapkin - 1 wm 1 guava
D-szlos - 1 wm 1 guava
Kwikwi - 1 wm 1 guava
pswami - 1 wm 1 guava
Mr. Bungle - 1 wm 1 guava
h0lic - 2 wm 1 guava
fatony612 - 1 wm 1 guava

Next, we have the people who have contacted me but still need to give up the loot!

Photolinger - 2 wm 1 guava (paying on Wednesday)

Be sure to reply with a pm if you see anything incorrect here. If you aren't on either of these lists that means you need to PM me very soon asking for my PayPal info and posting in the thread what you want. I'll try to get back to you in a timely fashion. Nice work so far guys, we're moving right along.

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