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Originally Posted by Mini View Post
ive always told my friends the same when i take them to get a hookah. single hose is all you need, just pass it.
i smoke in larger groups sometimes though, and it would be easier on me to divide a table between 2 hoses

is plugging my hose with my finger essential for a 2 hose session (since KM doesnt have autolocking) , or will the draw and smoke be fine without for both sides, provided we never smoke at the same time? how will having 2 hoses effect the purge?
if there really are so many downs to 2 hoses, i might end up with another single hose. i'd like to explore the option though.
U have to cover the hose while the other person is smoking. In order to purge out the check valve the hose also needs to be covered, but if you don't cover you can just purge via the other hose and no covering is needed.

Me personally like to have one hose per 2-3 people, so usually this means one her per that amount, but i do occasionally use my egyptian multihose.
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