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Default Re: Nammor/Razan/Caravan Hoses...

I own all three. The caravan/grand won't have the issue razans and nammors do with the leak where the hose tip meets the hose because it is glued in. They have a slightly tighter pull, which is my preference. The problem I have with caravan hose is that if you are smoking by a table or any surface the hose can get caught on, you'll find the velvet-esque material they wrap the hose in will be worn very easily- so easily that the caravan Al Fakher shipped to me got worn by wrapping it around the hookah for transport. So if you're into aesthetics, smoke around a table, or know how to use super glue I'd say go with a razan or nammor. My nammor has held up better than my razan sultan. If you aren't smoking on a table, maybe a soft surface, go with the caravan.
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