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Originally Posted by PiNKL0VE View Post
Couldn't have said it better myself. We all just need to sit back, relax, & smoke like nothings wrong. because honestly nothing is wrong $1.50 more isnt gonna kill us. i mean think about it, we buy 250 of shisha for like what 7 -9 bucks every few weeks. cigarette smokers are starting to pay those prices like EVERY DAY be thankful its not that bad for us. happy smokin ya'll
You guys are fooling your selves if you are not being fooled. What will happen is the same thing that has happened with every single excise tax increase in my living memory. The increase of a $1.50 per 250g will be passed from the manufacturer to the wholesaler who will pass it on to the retailer. You will get stuck with the compounded price increase rather then just $1.50 The reality is that this tax rise will be the first of many because smokers generally take what ever abuse is thrown at us so I guess we get what we deserve.
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